Saturday, 2 October 2010

efficacy duku

Here is an article describing the benefits inherent in the fruit Duku. We often consume this fruit but do not know the benefits of fruit Duku. Hopefully with this article can answer your questions. Hopefully useful.
Duku fruit or also called Lansium domesticum Corr, there are many uses fruit that is round rather oval mempelancar proved efficacious to the digestive system because they contain dietary fiber or fiber that not only facilitate the digestive system is also efficacious to cleanse the body from free radicals cause cancer. For the mineral content, calories and iron contained in duku not lose or notch higher when compared apples and oranges.
In addition buahya sweet meat, fresh and healthy, skin and seeds were also no less berkhasit. Namely as a raw material for diarrhea and reduce fever.
In addition, this fruit tree bark can also be used as a medicine for treating dysentery and poisonous insect bites. According to myth duku tree parasite can prevent and eradicate cancer cells.
Here are the nutrient content of each 100gr duku
-Calorie: 70kal
-Protein: 1.0g
-Fat: 0.2g
-Carbohydrate: 13g
-Minerals: 0.7g
-Calcium: 18mg
-Phosphorus: 9mg
-Iron: 0.9mg

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