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efficacy starfruit

Here is an article describing the benefits inherent in the star fruit. We often consume this fruit but do not know the benefits of star fruit. Hopefully with this article can answer your questions. Hopefully useful.

Carambola or Star fruit is also called, is known as a healing fruit of high blood pressure!. It also contains provitamin A and vitamin C are very high, if you eat the fruit of this one, it can mempelancar your digestive system. Star fruit can lower blood pressure and cholesterol in the body. This fruit Swallowing slowly ways to prevent and cope with the mouth and throat infections. Star fruit and honey mixture also can prevent and overcome the problem of bladder stones.
Here are some of the benefits inherent in the star fruit
Take a taste of star fruit, wash thoroughly and then crushed into powder and then mix the salt in the leatherback that was pounded earlier and apply on facial acne. Do it 3 times a day
Grab 6 wuluh star fruit and ½ teaspoons powdered sulfur milled or ground into powder and then mix in 2 tablespoons of lime juice and apply on face with acne then InsyaAlloh existing acne in your face immediately reduced.
Take 10 star fruit. Wash thoroughly and then milled or ground into powder and then add the sour seeds of whiting, knead until evenly mixed. And dab on the affected skin fungus skin. Do twice a day.

Take a handful of star fruit flowers and some grains of fennel and sugar to taste.
All materials on water 1 cup steamed, wait several hours later and then remove and strain. This cough medicine drinking water twice a day ie morning and evening (try at the time of the stomach in an empty condition).
Or you can also try prescription cough medicine on this one:
Take the 25 bud-star fruit
-1 Rhizome sleigh Intersection
-1 Finger cinnamon bark
-1 Finger rhizome kencur
-2 Red onions
-1 / 4 handheld pegagan
-1 / 4 handful sage leaves
-1 / 4 handheld rue leaves
-1 / 4 teaspoon leaf cell
How to make cut and wash all the above ingredients, then boiled with 5 cups water until the remaining 2 1 / 4 (second quarter) cup, after cold strain and add a little honey. 3kali drink a day each ¾ cup.
Take a handful of star fruit flowers and palm sugar to taste, mix with a cup of water and simmer until thickened. After chilling filtered kemidian. That one drug is used to clean and lubricate the mouth thrush
Take 2 / 3 interest starfruit, wash thoroughly and then boiled with water until the remaining 3gelas 2 ¼ (second quarter) after cold strain. The drug is taken 3kali day each ¾ cup.

Take 3-star fruit
-3 Red onions
-1 Young nutmeg
-10 Leaves sprue
-3 / 4 teaspoon fennel
-3 / 4 finger pulosari
How to make all the above ingredients thoroughly washed and then pounded into powder then mix 3 tablespoons of coconut oil, squeeze and strain. The drug is used to lubricate the wounds due to sprue, apply up to 6-7 times daily.
Here are the nutrient content of a ripe star fruit in every 100gr:
-Energy: 35kal
-Proteins: 50gr
-Fat: 70gr
-Carbohydrate: 7.70 gr
-Calcium: 8MG
-Fiber: 0.90 grams
-Vitamin A: 18 RE
-Vitamin C: 33mg
-Niacin: 0.40 gr
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